Certificates and Licenses

Quality Policy

As DAY TARIM, while we realize our production with modern technologies in citrus production and packaging sector, we adopt;

  • Meeting the expectations of our local and foreign wholesaler and supermarket customers and ensuring customer satisfaction,
  • With the participation of all employees, fulfilling commitments in accordance with GLOBAL GAP, SEDEX, and BRC FOOD quality management systems’ policies in terms of social responsibility, health, and hygiene,
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and development by supporting our quality system with technological developments in accordance with the national and international standards,
  • Producing the products, which we offer to our customers, in accordance with the physical, chemical, and biological food safety, health, and hygiene rules,
  • Being in effective, efficient, and constructive cooperation with our customer and suppliers and meeting their expectations at the highest level, completely and timely,
  • Providing a safe workplace and minimizing the risk by complying with the employee’s health and occupational safety related legal legislation and other conditions at the highest level, and ensuring a healthy and safe workplace,
  • Using environmental-friendly technology and methods

as our Food Safety and quality policy.

About Us

 is the registered trademark in the agriculture sector – one of the main field of activity of our company DAY TARIM İNŞAAT DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. ranked among Day Group.

As of 2010, Mandarin, Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit varieties are grown in our company’s citrus garden of 3300 decares, and we are actualizing our from garden to the consumer approach by means of our cold storage rooms and packaging plant that we established with new investments made in 2019.

With the advanced technology packaging machines in our plant, we meet the demands of supermarket and other business partners in the most qualified manner.

In addition to the chain supermarkets and other exporter business partners in Turkey, we introduced our brand to Russia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and many other European countries, and our export to such countries continue by being improved.